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Triac Problems

I was inputing some light dimmer circuits using a Triac into Multisim. I tried almost everyone in the Master Database and none of them were giving me the results that I know I should be getting. I then tried to search for a triac model on the web. I found one and created a component from it and it worked just fine. The triac model came from Littlefuse (formerly Teccor).
I thought you might want to take a look at both of these circuits and see uif it is indeed a problem with the Triac Models. The first circuit is with a Triac from the Master Database and doesn't seem to work. The second is with the Triac model from Littlefuse and it does seem to work. Both circuits are identical except for the Triac Model
Here they are:
Kittmaster's Component Database

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I don't know if this post was overlooked or if you are taking a look at it as I am typing, but I am going to put it to the top because if I am right this could possibly be a serious issue that needs to be investigated.

Sorry for bumping, but I think it is important enough for a closer look.

Have a Nice Day.

Kittmaster's Component Database

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Hi Nestor

I know you are there. I would like to know if you are looking into these circuits I posted. I have not had any response to this inquiry.



Kittmaster's Component Database

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Lacy, I have been traveling and doing many assignments, so I check from time to time the forums and see if I can contribute on any of them, I will check with Tech Support if this has been assigned and if they are looking into it...

If you have some urgency email them directly:

Thanks for making the forums an active technical discussion place...

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Thanks, Nestor. It is not urgent on my part, but I thought something like this (if my findings are correct) is fairly major since it concerns a whole family of components and that you would want to include that in any R&D as quickly as possible. Would you prefer me to send items like this direct to them instead of the forum? I can do it anyway you would prefer.

I appreciate your time a responses.

Have a Nice Day


Kittmaster's Component Database

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Hi Lacy,

I've had trouble geetting triacs to work.  However, I can't open your ver 10 files - any chance of a screenshot ????


Paddy (I'm only 10 months behind!)

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I will enclose a screenshot. The only drawback is that the one that is working is one that I created from a model from LittleFuse and you won't actually be able to see it in action, so to speak, other than the voltage measurements I get on the multimeter. I incorporated both files into one schematic. The top multimeter is the one that is working and the bottom multimeter is the one that isn't. Notice that both "pots" are set to the same value. Also this circuit is one that I acquired off the internet from one of the numerous circuit sites so I am pretty sure it has already been tested in the real world.

NI is aware of this problem with the triacs and hopefully will get it resolved.

Here's the picture

Kittmaster's Component Database

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I know this post started a long time ago. But I'm also having problems with TRIACs in Multisim. Has any got a circuit where they actually got the TRAIC to fire?

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If you're using Multsim V12, then the Triacs (within the original TRIAC family under Diodes group) that you may want to simulate with are 

2N6073BG or MAC12HCDG. All other components within the TRIAC family have no models. Note that components that appear green on the schematic have no simulation model (assuming default Multisim settings).


Also if you're using Multisim V12, you may want to consider using the TRIAC component under the SWITCHES family in the Power group. This component uses a model that is more simplistic and works well if the goal is to study general converter behavior and pulse sequencing rather than the details of triggering a triac device. Click the Help button in the TRIAC component to learn more about it. 





National Instruments
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