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Transistor switch convergence error

For my first project, Im trying to use transistors as a switch.


The idea here is to turn on the first set of leds and turn off the second set when the SPST is on and the reverse when the SPST is off.


The circuit works fine, but when I insert multimeters[A] inbetween the emitter and the leds, The program won't simulate, and tells me these errors:

Error message from simulation: doAnalyses: Timestep too small
Error message from simulation: tran simulation(s) canceled


I would like to know how to solve this.


Also, if my schematic can improve in some way, please tell me. I'm willing to edit my schematic for a better one.


Removed attachment per user's request. - Admin

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Hello liboglibog143


I ran your schematic, but got a convergence error, not the errors you listed. That was fixed by using the default values on the multimeters. Any reason why you changed these?


Error report attached.


Diego H

National Instruments

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