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Transient analys cuts off at .45 sec

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My transient analysis stops at .45 seconds, and I can't get it to go beyond that.  I have my TSTOP set to someting beyond that (1sec, 2 sec, etc), I have used a variety of TSTEP and TMAX values along with the automatic ones, and I have set the max number of points to 1280000000.  


Is there some other setting I am not finding under the transient setup?



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Also, this is using Multisim 14.0...

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I am also getting the error "Transient time point calculation did not converge"


I have attached the schematic.  If I remove C5 & C6, it simulates as long as I want. The capacitors seem to be causing the error. 


Any help is appreciated!

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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Alright, good talk...I ultimately used the SPICE troubleshooting guide off, and relaxed the GMIN.  It seems kind of like a band-aid fix, but at least it simulates now.



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