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Trace Thickness

For a project I'm working on, I need my copper traces to actually stick further out of the board, so that I can lay a sample on top of the copper as rails. How can I adjust how far the copper traces are raised up from the board, and how can I ensure that the copper traces are not masked (I need the copper exposed). Thanks! Below, I included a basic design of what I'm talking about.

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I am not a real specialist in pcb manufacturing. But I think the thickness of traces is rather determined by the manufacturing process. Usually, boards have a very thin copper layer which is partially etched, and then additional copper is grown on the traces until their final thickness is reached. Usually all copper traces have same thickness. As far as I know, Ultiboard does not allow to change thickness of traces. 


We once had contact to a manufacturer of special pcb boards who could manufacture boards with traces several mm thick, but this company does not exist anymore. I think it would be the best to look for a manufacturer of special technology pcb boards and ask them what they need to manufacture boards with different thickness of traces. 

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