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Trace A and B select the same waveform




I am trying to read the phase shift in a series RC circuit.  I am using the 2-channel scope, I connect Channel A across the source, and Channel B across the resistor.  It all looks good, I see the two wave forms shifted by time. Now is where I have the problem...   On the scope, I right-click the Channel 1 trace  and "Select a Trace" and choose Channel A.  I then I right-click the Channel 2 trace  and "Select a Trace" and choose Channel B.  What happens is that the Channel trace 1 jumps off the first waveform and ALSO selects Channel B so that they are both selecting the same waveform and I cannot get them to separate.  No matter what I try, they both stay on the same waveform to I am unable to do  T2-T1.  I have attached a screenshot showing the issue.  


I verified this problem on both MultiSim 11 and 14.


Any ideas on what's going on?


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It is not possible to select the same waveform in RC circuit you have to define the 2 channel scope first in order to trace the lines in correspondence.

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