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Through Hole Properties Issue

Some through hole bugs


1) Place a Hole, select Hole tab (default in my case is Round and Units = Mil radius =10.00000)  Select OK, click to place hole, right click to end hole placements.


Next double click on the hole just created and the Hole Tab shows Round, Units=NM and Radius= 254000.


2) Occasionally while editing the Hole parameters, the Clearance View will come on and stay on after the Hole editing is complete. Then I have to go to the view tab and click clearances to deselect it. I have not found a pattern or specific sequence that causes this.










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Hi Michael,


Thank you for your report. I can confirm the behaiour you described regarding the display of hole diameters. The value for the diameter is correct (if you change the units to mil in the dialog, you can see the value is still 10 Mil). The problem is that the units displayed in the dialog do not match the current design units. I have entered this into our defect system so that it may be addressed in a future release.


For the second issue you described, I was not able to reproduce this behaviour. If you do identify a particular sequence that causes the clearances to turn on, please do report the steps.

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