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There is my biggest problems.

I have a huge problem. "out of memory". Because I have a big project. I must continue with him. I can not. Because I can't open the original of my file. Although I tried to adjust the dimensions of my original file, I failed. From now on, multisim perceives my 14.2 file as occupied. The situation is bad and a major pre-update is required. Except for "out of memory", not all multisim windows are responding. It is self-renewing. This is not enough to open previous versions of my file.
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What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??
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Hi. I'm Onur. I'm From Turkey.


My Questions: How do my memory incrase for Multisim 14.2 in the simulation area and specially runtime memory?

if you have't consider be able to at our software, what can you mean and others mean?

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