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The following file(s) could not be opened because the file format is not recognized, the file is not valid or the file does not exist.

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Hi all.

I have a problem with opening file (.ms14). I have academic version of NI Multisim 14.2.


Yesterday I worked on this project for over 10 hours and everything was fine. This is a simple digital watch design. This is my final project for studies. 



Thank you in advance for your response.

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Could you please share the project? I'll try to open it on my side and see if the error occurs or not.


Best regards.

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Yes of course. Here you are.

Thanks in advance.

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Are you trying to open the project on another PC?





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Yes, I have tried to open it on a few other PC and the problem still exists. I tried also reinstal NI Multisim.
Perhaps the reason was saving the file in the Onedrive cloud and possible interruption in the internet connection while working on the project.


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Accepted by topic author Lukasz988

Take a look at the article.


This issue could be caused by one of the followed points:

  • Whether the MS14 file is damaged.
  • Whether the MS14 file is incorrectly linked in the registry entries.
  • Whether the MS14 file extension has been accidentally removed from the Windows registry.
  • Whether the installation of an application that supports the MS14 file format is incompletely.
  • Whether the MS14 file is infected.
  • Whether the drivers of the equipment used for opening a MS14 file are up to date.
  • Whether your computer has enough hardware resources to open a MS14 file.


As I am facing the same issue on my side I think that the file is damaged and the solution would be creating a new one (((

I would suggest saving it on the PC but not in cloud services to avoid such kinds of issues.


Have a nice day!



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Thank you very much for your help in solving the problem and for your time.

Have a nice day too! 🙂

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