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The component "TEST_PT1" could not be found in the database.


I'm guessing I'm having a bigger database issue than just a few missing components. When I search manually I can find this component but when I'm trying to use the logic converter, I get the error message The component "TEST_PT1" could not be found in the database. This is my first time trying to use Multisim for a college class.

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Hi Th.Wright, 


Are you using Windows 10? There is a known compatibility issue with Windows 10 (which isn't officially supported by Multisim 14.0 or earlier) specifically related to the logic converter.


You can get around this by running Multisim in Windows 8 compatibility mode. See more details here (under the Windows 10 section). 


Let me know if that helps. 


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That did the trick! Thanks for your help! I assumed it was probably something like that.

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