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THD vs frequency

How can I build a chart THD vs frequency using Multisim?

Thank you.

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Hello giker


Have you tried the fourier analysis or distortion analysis?


Diego H

National Instruments

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Hello, thank you for your responce. 

I saw the article. If i understand it corretly, it describess how to build "Voltage vs Frequency" plot, and how to calculate total harmonic distortion. But I need to apply bunch of fundamental frequencies to my sheme, get THD for each frequency and show the resalt on the plot. Is it possible?

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It will depend more on how are you going to actually going to acquire all that data. But if you find it complicated using the LabVIEW co-simulation would make your desired behavior posible more easily. 



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OK. I decided just run the constant frequecy through my circuit (using function Generator) and use Distortion analyzer (XDA) to get value of destortion, and then put the value in excel, and get plot there. But I what the value that returns me Dirstortion Analyser is. Is it THD of current or THD of voltage? I need THD of current.

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