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Multisim and Ultiboard

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Step Motor Component

Hello, I'm doing a circuit to control unipolar stepper motor with ULN2003 and 74LS194. In the simulation would like to put the simulator of the stepper motor. There is some component which emulates the stepper motor? or how should I do?



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Under Electro_Mechanical->MACHINES family, there is a stepper motor model STEPPER_MOTOR_2PHASE.


For a unipolar configuration, just connect the windings together. 


There are a couple of sample files under the Machines folder in the samples file folder. I've attached one of these samples.

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Hello, you have the file for version 11?



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This component is only available in V12 and later.


However, while it would be good for you to validate your control design with the motor as the load, do you necessarily require it?


If the primary goal is to design the logic to convert each pulse into digital values that are applied to the phase after power amplification, then treat it as a logic problem. That is, ensure that the output logic corresponds to the expected logic which advances the motor by one step. 





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