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Simulation of the voltage offset in OP AMP


I would like to know if it is possible to simulate in multisim, the adjustment of the offset voltage of an operational amplifier. I tried to connect pins 1 and 5 of UA741, a 25k ohm potentiometer in the hope of being able to adjust the output voltage. but the output voltage does not change for anything. Perhaps multisim does not generate this simulation?

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hello, thanks for response.

the problem might be you did not connect it right.


you should connect left pot's  terminal to 1, right  - to 5 and middle - to VCCminus.


pot's value is recommended to be 10 k.


check out the 741 datasheet.

with hope it helps



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Hi Michael and tank you for your answer.

I included a picture showing how I made connections. Maybe it makes a few mistakes, but I can not really understand how to adjust the offset.

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hello, thanks for response.

look, there are a few moments  to check -


1. I am nor sure the MS model  supports offset adjustment.

2. get 741 data sheet and check what setup  is recommended by manufacturer for  measurement of that parameter.

3. if you really do need that adjusment  (and frankly I do not understand why, and why do you use that antique OPAMP? )

    - you can work  it around - just place another DC source and connect it in serial  with OPAMP output.

with hope it helps



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