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Simulation error at AD633 multiplier with sawtooth from 555 timer circuit


I tested the simulation and works for triangular function from the function generator 
but the same waveform from the 555 timer circuit  the simulation crashes.
And it does the same too for sawtooth input. 
This is the circuit with sawtooth input from 555 timer circuit because this is what i want to do
Can somebody solve this ,i have stuck for 3 weeks and it does not makes sense to me.
Please help 
First pic is the simulation crash
Second file is the datasheet of AD633

The 3th file is the Multisim file 

inverted Sawtooth simulation.JPG

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Could you share the one with the function generator so we can compare...?

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In the end i attach the multisim  file ,the triangular with the multiplier) 


a triangular signal from a 555 timer circuiterror.JPG


the triangular as input to the multiplier crashes



a triangluar from the function generator works

from FUnction generator.JPG


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Some of the modifications to the simulation that the Convergence Assistant does are failing because of this:




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Dear Sir,

I am dissapointing a design similar timer application,

I need to fix the Triac operation which can drive by a optocoupler as shown here.


Let me know what parametes and scope leg should be applied for having a dynamic analysis of this circuit?application circuit

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Do you think the reply is relatable with the topic?

I do not think so.

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Dear Sir Nikosbar,

Sorry to inturrept you on the post.

They way you are triggering AD is similar to me, you want a  pwm/sawtooth/step type waveform that could be solved if you externally put to signal in TRIG and CRTL of 555 rated timer as I saw people usally use.


Without this configuration I had problem same to you.

If you dont mind can you say something about my circuit?

1. I have changed my L load to R, so output sign wave is fine now.

2. Do you want me to add a capacitor in output ?




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i guess you want to filter the high freq noise so you can put a C paraller to the output or L//C ,test it.
Also for the function generator the common and - should be grounded (for a reason which i do not remember)


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Simulation_1.pngDear Sir  

Yes, I did wrong for ungraounding the funnction generator commeon port.

After I did simulation says, triac only conduct the positive pick of AC. As you know depending on positive and negative current of MT1 and MT2 Triac works 4 co-ordinates. Take a look the simulation result. Does it seems to be fine ?


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