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Silkscreen exporting small lines for bitmap import



I am trying to get these silkscreens to work, 


However when these were sent to the board house, they came back as missing on the finished PCB's. I reached out and asked why, and they replied: 

“So the reason the “boxes” did not print on the boards is that they are made up of lines that are less then 1mil Our machines in screen can only print line that are 1mil and above. The one box that did print was made of 1mil lines. Now we prefer to have all line on the silk layers to be 5mil and bigger. The print looks better and it also takes less time to print as well. So if they could make them 5mil that would be great.”



is there a setting somewhere, or something I can use to see these line sizes in the gerber? Double clicking the bmp there shows me this in the width tab. 


Any help appreciated!!!






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