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Seven segment display

Hey, I must do the task where I have to show on the seven segment display numbers 0-9, and I did it, for now tested it with probes bt when I joined this display, it showed weird things (for me quite random I could say), so I tested it on the easiest circuit I could think of:

circ1.JPGcirc2.JPGso I joined the display and the word generator, set up-count and I didn't see numbers. Could somebody explain me how to use display to see numbers on it, when I have seven outputs with correct bits on it (like 0110000 = '1' , 1101101 = '2', 1111001 = '3', '1111111' = 8)?

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I have never used a word generator to control the display because we do not have complete control of the functionality. I would suggest one example that uses the 74LS47N. You can find it in the examples, Help>>>Find Examples>>>Getting Started FInal.

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