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Series/Parallel Capacitive Circuit Simulation




 I am building a series/parallel capacitive circuit for my Physics Class - having been sent on-line to teach. I set up this circuit with my 5 capacitors (in lab I usually use 100+ microfarad caps with a 1200 ohm resistor, so the student can see the charging/discharging in real time and for the PASCO/Capstone equipment we use, the student collect to current as a function of time and then integrate the current to get the charge) and the students measure the total capacitance and individual capacitance using an LRC meter. They vary the voltage and then measure the total current. Then, for an exercise, they pick one of their voltages and then measure the charge on each capacitor and compare it using the series/parallel rules for capacitors. My question is how can I make the set up (see like above) work in real time. I set the square wave power supply period for 20 seconds, since I would like them to see the discharging and the charging but when I run the simulation is is completed instantly.


Also, is there a function in MultiSim that allows the current to be integrated over time or, is there another way to get the charge for each capacitor?


Thanks for your help.

Tom McCarthy

GCU, Phoenix

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