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Searching for relays KRPA-11DG-24, KRPA-14DG-24, KUP-17D19-24

I have several relay boxes with the following electro-mechanical relays: KRPA-11DG-24, KRPA-14DG-24, KUP-17D19-24. I have not found them anywhere. Does anyone out there have them and willing to share with? Thanks.
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I am not sure exactly what your needing, but if your looking for Datasheets or Specifications you can Google the part numbers and find them. If your looking for Spice Models then I don't know where to get that. Someone else may have information on Spice Model locatiions. It may be possible to Google that also, but I haven't had much luck when it come to searching for Electro-Mechanical Models.
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Yes I am looking for the Spice models in order to document (capture and simulate) the circuitry in the relays boxes. If I could find solid state replacements for my electro-mechanical relays I would substitue them and would probably have better luck finding the models for the solid state spice models. I will keep on looking in the meantime.
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