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Run-time error '9': subscript out of range when starting Multisim/Utilboard v10

Hi all!

After having installed and registred NI Circuit Design Suite 10 (Single user licenses) on
XP-SP2 and Windows2000-SP4 computer, I get the following error message when
I try to start either Multisim10 or Utilboard10 (Full edition versions)

"Run-time error '9':
Subscript out of range

The problem appears both with standard users as well as with the Administrator user.
As I click on "OK", the program proceeds as usual and seems (?) to work fine.
The problem does not appear if I do not register the copy of NI Circuit Design Suite 10
and I run it as evaluation instead.

Paolo Celani
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Paolo, do you have a localized version of Windows? (e.g. French, Italian, German, etc.)

Thanks for attaching a screenshot, from the error message I can see that it is related to the support and upgrade utility. So it will be easier to help you out, just answer back what kind of windows you have please.

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Hi !

We have german version of Window XP and 2000 (the folder where Multisim was installed is C:\Programme\ etc etc).
The very same dialog box appears written in german (see attachment) in one of our computers, maybe because
German was chosen as Standard language in Multisim during settings (I do not quite remember but I can find out).

Thanks for helping me !
Best regards

Paolo Celani
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Ok, that's what I thought, so, the solution will be ready in about two weeks. In about two weeks we will be releasing an update that you will be able to download from the website (drivers and updates link), this update will support those localized versions of Windows in which the Support and Upgrade Utility is having trouble with the date and timestamp, which is what the error means. In the meantime like you said, just click OK and the software will continue working as normal. In two weeks, once you download the update you should not get that error anymore.
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>>In two weeks, once you download the update you should not get that error anymore.
Thanks a lot for your help!
Paolo Celani
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