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Reading Error


Hi, I have encountered a problem with my Multisim circuit. I have thrown in a spdt switch to vary between 2 voltages which are; 5 v and 3.3 v respectively but the problem is that when i toggle the switch to the 3.3 v terminal, I'm getting a voltage on the other terminal and i cant understand why. Can someone help me rectify this please?Capture.PNGThis is where im supposed to get 3.3v but im getting 4.5 on the other terminal of the switch alsoCapture2.PNGthis is where im suppose to get only the 5v

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Hi Antoines, 


With the first switch position, you are actually reading an open with the multimeter (you are not actually reading a signal) since you are measuring a from an open terminal to ground. The multimeter can measure anything since it is an open terminal, y real life you can be measuring noise at that moment. I wouldn't take into account that value. 



Hector M

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