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RC oscillator

Hi all.
I have a strange version of MultiSim that NI refuse to acknowledge, it is MultiSim Power Pro v8.028, purchased on eBay in august 2006, and the build is made 2005.
It says SP1 Internal version in the About box.  I paid about $100, and I wonder if I am totally scammed. As this simple circuit refuse to work:
I have 1 transistor connected. I have arranged grond and power supply to it, and a 10 k resistor from collector to positive.
Now, I have a triple RC net connected from collector to base, making this a perfect RC oscillator.
But when simulation is run, I get a dead DC voltage as output, whatever I do.  I saw a post about a crystal didnt work, and the solution was to go into the simulation menu and select "Set To Zero"...  Bin there, done that...   Dead RC oscilllator.... 
I wonder what happens the day I reallytry to use this simulator...   Anybody knows waht problem it is? 
RC circuits are 3 capcitors in series of 10nF each. Resistors are 15k each except the base resistor that is 33 k to griund. And that one has a bias resitor to positive of 200k.  Simple as that.
Best regards,
Lars Ahlström
BTW, the swedish support tech at NI said he did´nt have tiime to check what this software was about, told me they have paying customers as SAAB and Ericson callingm all the time, and then he hung up in my ear...  This is how enlightened sofware engeneers gets bought up and ripped off. Students left in limbo as the current generataion of egecentricals sucks the juice out of the product they bought, thinking of no-one but themselves and their profit.  Is this why the world is so crazy?
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Found the error.

I was using (as the noob I am) the virtual NPN BJT tarnsistor.

If I just selected mý favourite NPN transistor, the BC639, the circuit started to swing after 150 mS.  

384 HZ !   

So it werked... Now I am just curious about the responsibilty NI have for this Multisim product.

Either its a fraud, or I have a legal copy. If I have a legal copy, they should support it. Dont you think?

So what is it?  The serial number, they say, that I found in the about box "F4CG-...." was only an activation code.
The serial they wanted could not be found...  Wheres the support???  The updates??? Is it final version???







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I can't say for sure on your Version, but in my 2001 Version there is a text file in the Multsim main directory called "pass" that gives you the serial number. It is highly unusual that you would be able to even get your program up and running without entering the product serial number into a dialog box at set-up. This makes me wonder whether or not you have maybe purchased an illegal copy from some unscrupulous person or worse yet you only have a demo version that they charged you $100 for that you can get for free. E-bay is a den of thieves and I would never purchase anything off that sight, period.

If you did acquire an illegal copy you shouldn't expect any support from NI and the person who sold it to you probably lied about that.

You have done nothing wrong if you did get an illegal copy because you did not know. If I were you I would get my money back from the seller and, if you do find it is illegal or a scam, report him to E-bay and have him banned from their site.

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Have a Nice Day
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The serial number does not matches a valid serial number. A valid serial number has 2 letters, then followed by 18 numbers. Is in the form of (A=letter, #=number) : AA - #### - ##### - #### - #####. That applies for versions 9 or older. Version 10 has the NI-style serial numbers: A##A#####.

Check your CD package it should be listed there in a sticker label.

Since you are located in Sweden, you should check with your NI-Sweden branch their support policies. In most parts of the world, NI gives phone and email support to users with a valid support contract (SSP), also in some cases only the last two versions are supported, in this case version 10 and 9. For those users that need free support (don't have a SSP contract), these discussion forums are in place for that.

If you feel you were mistreated by one of the Applications Engineers you should address this concern with the branch manager.

If you have a valid serial number, and you are looking for a release code, and the serial number belongs to another person you will need to have written authorization from the original owner that he/she transferred the serial number to you, since in that case we will not generate any new release codes for that user. You can send release codes requests to:


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Thank you very much for that information, Nestor.


Well the code numbers on the printed white label this regular BASF disk case is with the format:


Its a total of 6 codes, where the only ones working was the "Special", the "Ultiboard8", and the "Ultiroute8".
The codes for "Education", "Proffessional" and "PowerPro" did not work.  But the CD says "Power Pro V8.028".


But I mailed in a request for a release code, alternatively some information on what this might be.
Perhaps you guys know more than the swedish guys about this softwares origin...

Thanks again for the help.

Best regards,

Lars Ahlstrom



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You definitely have something illegal. EWB never packaged such thing. You should contact whoever sold it to you.
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