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Pros and cons of using multisim over other simulation tools



I just want to know the difference between the NI multisim adn other simultaion tools like mindi,LTspice.

What are the pros and cons of using multisim over other simulation tools.

As I am bit confused of which one to use.

Can anyone explain the above things.


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Hi PatanGova,


Mindi and LTSPICE are circuit simulators offered by semiconductor manufacturers (Microchip and Linear Tech) to support the usage of their components. Multisim, however, offers a comprehensive library of components from ALL semiconductor manufacturers that is validated by NI R&D. You can think of Multisim as the complete development platform for electronic circuits where you can enter schematics, simulate designs, and prototype PC Boards. Other than the large manufacturer library of components Multisim offers:


• A powerful SPICE solver, 20 simulation analyses, and 22 virtual instruments
• Integration with a productive PCB prototyping environment, NI Ultiboard
• Intuitive environment optimized for usability with a lot of graphical features
• Global support and phone support through NI engineers, as well as free self-paced online training
These are some of the high level advantages of Multisim, I can provide more details if needed.
Thank you,
Mahmoud W
National Instruments
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where is the free self paced learning? i had to pay for mine. 

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If your Standard Service Program (SSP) membership with National Instruments is active, you can access the online training for free. Details on how to acccess can be found at:


NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard Online Training


Hope this helps.



Fernando D.
National Instruments

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well that isn't free because you paid for the standard service program. 

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bro please send me the pros and cons of the ni multisim, and applications if possible.thank you.

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