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Problems installing Multisim on a new computer

Good afternoon,
I use Multisim for school, I had installed it correctly on my old computer, but now that I changed it a few days ago, I can't use it anymore.
The code I used the first time doesn't work and I am unable to use the application.
Can anyone tell me what to do?
Thank you.




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Define "does not work". (Program does no start? Program crashes? Program does not work right?)


(Seems you also have problems with simple posts here. What's the purpose of using code tags and all these empty spoiler tags????)

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Please contact customer service. they should be able to help you with this.

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After opening the application on the new PC and logging in with my account, I enter the activation codes that were sent to me the first time and the system tells me: "Activation warning".
I have also already tried to deactivate the license on the old pc, using NI License Manager (following the instructions at this link: transfer/), but the result does not change.


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Have a look at this article and see if it resolves the issue:

National Instruments R&D
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