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Problem with ratsnest and (probably) custom pad shapes


I am having a problem with ratsnest showing a connection not made, even though there is a trace running to the pad. We have experienced this previously at my company, and in both cases it has involves a custom SMT pad. 


There are traces that are connected but the ratsnest still exists and the Connectivity Check fails:ratsnest2.JPGratsnest1.JPG


On some designs I can make it happen, but then it goes away on Connection Check:



It seems that the problem persists on larger, more complex designs. 


I have attached a neutered version of the board I am currently working on that is having the problem. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? 

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When you post a design, please inform us on the version of Ultiboard you are using.

I am using V10.1, so I could not open your design.

Sorry I can't help.




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Thanks for trying. For others, this is version 13.0

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about your led

I remeber having a similar problem on a capacitor with custom shapes.

Can you try renaming your custom pas with 1 and 2, not using letters A and C?

Be sure  to change your schematic symbol as well




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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful. ratsnest5.JPG

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