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Problem with Wattmeter

I have a simple RLC circuit and am having trouble getting results with the wattmeter. Attached is a picture of my my circuit and the file itself. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Seems to work just fine, 25 Watts and a power factor around .79




What were you expecting?

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I'm getting zero and 1.

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I run an interactive simulation on the circuit you sent. I got the same results as  Dave@RPS.

1. Could you verify the simulation parameters you are using? 


2. What happens if you create a new file and rebuild the circuit with different values? Do you get the same "zero and one" result with an interactive simulation?


2. If yes, can you build the simplest circuit and use the wattmeter to see what values if gives? 


I want to determine if the problem is some settings in your simulation or if there is some corruption of your MS installation. 




Anyela Vega - CLD

National Instruments




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If I rebuild it it is fine. The problem occurs after doing an analysis. 

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Could you follow this kb?: 


This procedure is effective when fixing corruptions of software. Make sure to run the command prompt as an administrator.





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