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Problem sharing circuits to group

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I have started using Multisim Live, which seems to be a good alternative for my students now that classes are all virtual.  I set up groups for my classes and have been sharing circuits to the groups.


But, today when I tried sharing circuits to either of my groups, the share does not go through.  Didn't have this problem before.  I've tried a few different browsers. I turned the computer off and on.  Still no luck.  


Any suggestions on what the problem might be or on how to resolve it?

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Did you end up solving this problem, as I am encountering the exact same problem.

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No I have not found a solution. As an alternative I was planning to have my students search the public circuits for the circuits I have created for them. By giving the circuits fairly unique names (such as including the course number as part of the circuit name) it should make it fairly easy to find them. It’s a work around that should work but adds another layer for students using multsim for the first time. 


I am wondering though, since you are having the same problem, if others are also. 

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I don't even have a share option for my circuits probably because I'm a student using the free version and not the premium. I do have a copy of the 6 month student edition they've given out on this forums but i prefer the multisim live wish they'd give premium access to that as well.

I've sort of been assisting our professor with helping teach multisim live to my fellow classmates as i pick up on things rather quickly and the way I go about sharing my circuits is that I simply got a link to my circuits page and gave it out, now it isn't quite as easy as copying it while viewing my circuits but if your viewing your "My circuits" page and you click onto one of the ones you've built but do not open it that URL is shareable Furthermore if while viewing one of your circuits (not opened) this way if you right click your name under creator and open the link in an incognito mode which will allow you to then post that url as if your viewing your entire my circuits page as someone else since you will not be signed into your account while in incognito. Hope that makes sense, If not I don't mind creating a simple short youtube video to demonstrate if you desire would literally take me just a few minutes to make and upload one.

Here is a link to my page to demonstrate that its viewable by others.

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I am having same problem in that I cannot share my circuit to a private group that I made for my class.


Interestingly some students are able to share to the group, but not all have been able to do so.  

I think there are sometimes delays and sometimes the share request doesn't go through or gets lost.


FYI it was tough going getting everyone into the private group.  Took quite some time and effort.  Unreliable.



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I went ahead and just made a quick video of how i share all my circuits on Multisim Live.
Its been a far more reliable method then clicking any of the share links under the circuits probably just because of all the heavy traffic NI has been getting.

In my previous reply i mentioned not having share links at the time i didn't but now they are showing up more reliably I still prefer the method demonstrated in the video but if the links are working then its all preference.

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Thanks Frostyrune.  Good suggestion.  I'm trying it out in a lab I'm writing up now.  Your video was very helpful.  Thanks

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Interesting that some students are able to share to the group.  I still am unable to do so.  The solution suggested by frostyrune seems to be workable.  In in the process of trying it with a student assignment I'm developing.  It  may also avoid the problem of getting students into the group.  Of course they still need to create an account . . . 

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 rlibros Happy to help, if you take a look at the channel of that video i have a handful of videos the intention of which was to help my fellow classmates get started using multisim since not everyone is as computer literate and our professor is pretty slammed trying to translate material to an online format so i just started assisting where i could. One of the videos demonstrates how to create a multisim live account and a few of the others have some handy tips feel free to share them with your class if it will help just trying to do what i can to stay busy and help my fellow students out during this time.

Heres the link to the channel specifically to save you some time.

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Frostyrune, Some of my students seem to be having trouble getting their account ser up so I will share your video with my classes. I think it will help. And thanks for your help. 

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