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Problem building main.asm PIC MCU: build process hangs up

Hi there,


I'm  a teacher in an hi school.


In my class I use Multsim (14.2) to simulate circuit with a uC PIC16F84.


All the students competed the simple work (blink a LED), except one student. He is one of the best students: he organized the file in a folder tree with spaces.


I guess that the problem may be h spaces, so I suggested him to remove the spaces. He removed the spaces and the build was completed correctly.


We make a counter proof: on a PC of another student, we try to recreate the folder tree with the spaces to see if the problem arise again. Surprisingly the build process completed correctly.


Has someone ideas about the problem? Have you experienced the problem too?


I'm writing together with my pupils to let them to know how to ask support from the community.


Thank you.






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Was He working with netlists? If He used the different once, it won't work. Check on it, or if not, make one for all the circuit , I believe it will be easy to get the problem.


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