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Power supply simulation error

Dear all,


I haven't used multisim for many years so please forgive me if I am making some basic mistake. I am trying to simulate this circuit (attached to this message) which was published in a famous electronics magazine, but I am getting an error and the convergence assistant is unable to solve. Perhaps you can suggest some other proved design of a laboratory power supply?


======= SPICE Netlist check completed, 0 error(s), 0 warning(s) =======
Error: Unable to converge during transient analysis. Consider increasing the ABSTOL, VNTOL, and RELTOL options.
Simulation canceled
See convergence help for more information


Clicking on convergence help has no effect. I am running Multisim Power Pro 14.2.


Many Thanks

Best Regards



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As suggested here: I've just tried changing ABSTOL to 1e-6, VNTOL to 1e-3, RELTOL to 0.01, ITL4 to 500 and ITL1 to 500

but I get the same error.

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