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Plot function in Multisim

Hello guys,


I am very new to Multisim.


I know that it's possible to plot the voltage/current at a particular point in the circuit as a function of time.


But say we need to plot a custom function. For example: I1(t)^2 + 34 - I2(t)^3


How do you do this?


Any help would be appreciated!


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When running a transient analysis, you can go to the Output tab and select Add Expression. In the expression, you can write time where ever you need and make the complete expression. When you will press Simulate, it should show you the output for that expression.


Your expression would be written as i1*(time^2) + 34 + i2*(time^3)


Hope this helps.


Tayyab R,
National Instruments.
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Hello guys,


I am very new to Multisim too, i just want to ask how can i draw a function using Pass Transistor Logic (PTL) and show the body effect with NI Multisim? 

For example [(a.b)xnor c] ?

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