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Place SMD "component" on internal layer?

I am for the firs time designing a 3 layer RF PCB (top, inner, bottom).  

The PCB is actually a sample holder and there will be a cut out in the centre where we will place a chip which will later be bonded. 

The problem is that there is also  "mezzanine": the cut-out of the top PCB will be bigger than that of bottom PCB; this will expose and allow us to bond from the internal layer as well as  the top layer (the chip/sample has lots of pads, so we need to bond from two levels). 


This is obviously non-standard which is causing me all sorts of problem with Ultiboard (btw, the company that will fabricate the PCB can do this; it will just be expensive...). 


In the past I've always created bond-pads by designing a "component" with SMD pads in the right place. This makes it easy to route the traces etc in the usual way. 


My problem/question now is that I now would like to place a component (my bond pads) on the INNER layer but Ultiboard won't allow me to do so.  Is there a workaround?


SMD Fanouts and THT components (with zero size pads on top and bottom layers) should work, but then I would end up with holes which I obviously don' want.


Any ideas? 






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