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Pin 4 from part J1 in net GND is missing from footprint Z


In Multisim, I replaced a connector component having a footprint with 3 ground pins with a new connector component having a footprint with 2 ground pins. After forward annotating this change to Ultiboard, a DRC design error is reported stating that the new footprint is missing a connection to ground. I can find no place in either the Multisim component properties or the associated Ultiboard footprint where there is reference to a fourth ground pin following the aforementioned component replacement. It seems that Ultiboard is clinging to this fourth pin somewhere. Not sure if this is relevant but the old connector had one ground pin on copper bottom and two on copper top whereas the new connector only has ground pins on copper top.


There is a post here ( where the first reply references a KB link (Design Error: Pin X From Part X In Net X Is Missing From Shape X in Ultiboard) that is my pretty much the same design error I am experiencing, unfortunately the link is now broken so I'm not sure of its relevance. 


Can anyone offer some insight here?



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