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Piezoelectric Equivalent Circuit


Hey ,

I am using Piezoelectric Material for energy harvesting but before design my model i want to simulate it.

But i faced problem in it..

 where i will get peizolectric materail and virtually i will stress of dfferent frequencies and measue out[ut volatage produce by Piezolectric material.



Please help me .

thank you..

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I think you'd have to figure out the rate for your piezoelectrical device outside of Multisim (is it a sensor?), then test as a potential difference (so a power source of some sort) in your circuit. Piezoelectric is just energy from induced stress so using it as power source for simulation purposes would make sense to me.



Miguel V
National Instruments
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hi i am doing the same project piezo electeric energy harvesting please contact me asap i need help

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Neither of the previous posters has logged onto the Forums for more than one year, so you are unlikely to get a response from them.


Please create a new thread and ask specific questions about your problem. Simply stating that you need help will not get you very far. Do you have a particular device you want to simulate? Do you have a model for any kind of piezo device? How would you simulate the mechanical input?



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      I am working on Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric.From piezo electrc material i am getting very less voltage and current(Milli volts and Milli amps).So how can i amplify voltage and current.Can any one sujjest me a circuit which can give a reasonable voltage and current(Vots and amps).


Sujjest piezoelectric manufactureres .




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Search net for a Charge amplifier. You can make a circuit using OP-AMP. Basically it is an integrator. Piezoelectric material makes charge so a charge amplifier sums up charge and shows voltage on output. charge_amplifier.PNG


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