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Performance with large projects


Just want to preface this by saying I've taken exactly 1 class in logic circuits, so I'm very inexperienced with all this. As a side project I decided to make an Enigma machine using circuits. The scope of this project is very large (at least for me), and the design has several thousand components, organized into many layers of hierarchical blocks. As the project has grown in size, Multisim has become incredibly slow, taking upwards of 20-40 minutes to save the project or place a new component, and getting constant "Out of memory" errors which prevent me from doing any more work. I don't think it has anything to do with my hardware, as I have a very competent computer and the CPU/RAM are not being used anywhere near full capacity.


My main question is, is this normal/expected behavior? Is Multisim just not intended to be used for a large scale design? Or is there some optimization/design efficiency practice that I'm just not aware of?

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Hello Glenwing


I am so sorry for that. Let me share with you some option we have to improve the Multisim execution.



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