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Parameter Sweep AC mangnitude


I have a circuit as attached. I'm trying to do a sweep on the magnitude of my AC source (V1) at 100kHz frequency. The goal is to plot the transfer function V_out/V_source in magnitude and seeing it become nonlinear as I increase the magnitude of the AC source

AC_magnitude_Parameter Sweep.PNG



I went to analysis and simulation >> Parameter Sweep and set up the circuit as below: 




When I click run, it says "There are no valid output variables". Any help is appreciated!

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I am not sure if it is related with this, but when you open the A_Power on the value tab, there is values that needs to be set in order to make the AC anaylisis, you can try changing those.

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Attach voltage probes at input and output of your circuit. Under "parameter sweep" analysis, In "output" tab add expression "V(PR2)/V(PR1)".

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I'm having a similar issue. Is there any chance that this can get resolved please?

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Hello ejwyers,


The problem itself comes from the settings of the "Parameter Sweep" analysis type.

In the Multisim documentation you can see that you cannot sweep the peak voltage of an AC source using device/model parameters.

To be able to do that you should select "Circuit Parameters" option and define them for your project.

Below you can see sources of the info:


So you need define parameters, like when programming.

When you define a parameter, for example if you want to sweep amplitude of the AC source you create parameter "Amplitude" and you put (write the world Amplitude) that parameter in the "Voltage(PK)" instead of voltage value, after it will appear in the settings of analysis.


Here you can find how to create "Circuit Parameters".


Here how it should look like:






Additionally I attached my experimental "Test" project you saw in the screenshots.

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