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Parameter Sweep AC mangnitude


I have a circuit as attached. I'm trying to do a sweep on the magnitude of my AC source (V1) at 100kHz frequency. The goal is to plot the transfer function V_out/V_source in magnitude and seeing it become nonlinear as I increase the magnitude of the AC source

AC_magnitude_Parameter Sweep.PNG



I went to analysis and simulation >> Parameter Sweep and set up the circuit as below: 




When I click run, it says "There are no valid output variables". Any help is appreciated!

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I am not sure if it is related with this, but when you open the A_Power on the value tab, there is values that needs to be set in order to make the AC anaylisis, you can try changing those.

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Attach voltage probes at input and output of your circuit. Under "parameter sweep" analysis, In "output" tab add expression "V(PR2)/V(PR1)".

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