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Pads don´t filled with power plane

When Ultiboard creates a power plane, some pads (connected to ground) are not filled correctly around them. I attach an image.


How can I solve this?



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I do not understand your question completely. 


Do you want the ground pads connected "completely" to the GND plane, i.e. there should be copper all around the circumference?


Usually pads which are part of a copper plane are connected to the latter with "thermal connections", i.e. there are 4 "spokes" from the pad to the copper plane. This is done for better solder solderability. If the pads were connected "completely" (all around) to the copper plane, the solder heat would flow into the ground plane, thus reducing solder temperature and resulting in uneven (or bad) solder quality on these pads. 


Please tell me if I got your problem correctly. 

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Ok, I have understood your answer completely. But, is possible modify that option and have copper all around the circumference of the pad?


Best regards

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We are using Ultiboard10 in the german version, so maybe the procedure has changed a bit in the meantime and the menu items are different from my re-translation from german. 


First, switch on the "pad select" button in the menu above the board field. De-activate all other buttons. Click on the pad in question and select the "properties" sub-menu, then the "thermal relief" tag. Now you can select "no thermal relief" (i.e. pads surrounded by solid copper), 4 "spokes" in either 90deg or 45deg position, or 2 "spokes" in horizontal or vertical position. 


Anyhow, as mentioned, this method is set as default to improve solderability of the board. It is not easy to solder pads connected directly to large copper areas manually, i.e. with a soldering iron, and maybe even more problematic with automatic soldering where you cannot increase soldering time for certain pads. 

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