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PWL error reading table data (Multisim Education Edition 14.1.0 (14.1.31) )



I've been having an issue with the Piecewise Linear Voltage source that I haven't encountered in the past.  We analyze different data signals generated from software and exported to a text format in accordance to the data format provided of  <time> <value>.  When running the simulation via having the PWL read from a source file, the simulation runs fine.  When trying to run from an imported table, however, the simulation isn't running and is generating a message: 



Element 'vv1': Time must be increasing.

doAnalyses: Incorrect use of model parameters

Simulation canceled


The circuit consists of simply the PWL voltage source connected to a digital ground and the spectrum analyzer tool.  


I am unsure as to why this would be happening as 


a)  The data is formatted correctly as far as I can tell and in the past I did not have any issue with similarly formatted files

b)  The documentation states that even with unsorted data that Multisim will sort it by time.  



This issue seems to be occurring with new, but not existing PWL sources where I've input data into a table.   Old files data files that worked as a source in versions prior suddenly do not work anymore, but if they were added to a PWL source a long time ago (I don't remember when this was done), those PWL sources still function.  


As an experiment, I exported a table from a working PWL source and created a new PWL source that I then used to import that data.  The error comes up with the new PWL, not the old.  


Would anybody have any ideas or suggestions?


Thank you,


Matt Hawn 


Attached files:


PWL Issue example.ms14


This contains two PWL sources with the same data.   The V7 UPRNZ Pseudo-Random source is an existing PWL that works (simply delete the other one to verify), and the V1 does not, but if you compare the data from the two, they're identical.  The V1 was created with the following steps:


1)  Export the data in the V7 table to a text file

2)  Place PWL V1 and initialize the table from the text file generated in step 1




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