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PID temperature controller

Hallo everybody, I am looking for a PID temperature controller program for Multisim. Please with the 741 op amp. I am also interested in amp circuits. Who can help me! Thanks Bert
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Hi Bert,


With a bit of searching I came across the following:


It is a nice simple example of a PID controller.


When looking on Figure 1.b you will see the schematic.


This schematic has 5 different parts:

  1. Voltage Follower:  This allows you to uncouple the rest of the circuit from the input, making sure you don't distort the input error signal. (Amplifier with gain 1)
  2. Proportional: This is the P part of your PID controller. The P factor is the gain of this inverting amplifier.
  3. Integrator: This is the I part of your PID controller. The I factor is dependent on both the capacitance and resistance.
  4. Differentiation: This is the D part of your PID controller. The P factor is also dependent on both the capacitance and resistance.
  5. Addition: This will merge all the correcting signals from the P, I and D component with a certain gain.

Please keep in mind that the input is the error signal. To get this signal you need to subtract the desired value from the actual value.

Have a look at the following:


Lastly I made the following example:


(You may want to switch around the reference and input temperature depending if you have a positive or negative feedback)


This should be enough to allow you to create your PID controller Smiley Happy


Kind regards,

Natan Biesmans

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Thank you Natan. This is a great example.

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