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PIC 18F452 library for Multisim

Hello all,
I'm developing a project using Multisim 10.0 and I need to use a PIC18F452. However, it seems that Multisim does not have this component library, and I haven't found anything about it in the net
Do you know where i can find this kind of library?
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In order to fully answer your question I need to ask a few. 1) Do you have the MCU Module?  2) Were you going to try and add it to this Module? 3) Are you going to try and simulate it or do you just need it for non-simulating purposes?

If you could answer these questions then I can provide you with a more intuitive answer to your question.

Kittmaster's Component Database

Have a Nice Day
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My requierement do not include simulation.

The model just for circuit design and NET verification, plus the facility to later design the PCB with multissim will be enough.

can you pls inform were to get the requiered model.

thanks in advance

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If it is just 1 part, you could create the symbol library & link it to the footprint. Alternatively, if you have access to Orcad, you can also import from Orcad design - just put the PIC18F452 into an orcad design & save the file, then import it into the Multisim library.

Hope this helps.
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hi  skeatz, thanks for your answer

I asked a friend that has acces to an Orcad instalation, but the new PIC'S are not part of their librariry.
Do you know how to get the new tipes in order to feed ORCAD.

thanks again

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Hi Juan,

Don't know which version of Orcad your friend is using, but you can get additional Orcad MCU libraries from the Yahoo OrcadExchange group. You might want to look it up. The URL is

I've also created a custom part for the PIC18F452. The pin arrangement follows that in one of Microchip's application note. File is attached.

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I was wondering if there was  MCU functionality / Module  support (for Multisim 10.0) that was avaliable in addition to the symbol/footprint for the 18F452. (Like there is for the 16F84)


Alternatively, if there is support for a 18F series microcontroller with ADC, Timer and PWM peripherals then that could also be useful.


I'm guessing that there is little chance, but any help would be much appreciated.









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Multisim currently only supports the PIC16F84, PIC16F84A, 8051 & 8052 for MCU simulation. If you really need to simulate the PIC18F452, you can always try Proteus VSM or VirtualBreadboard.


VirtualBreadboard has a free community edition. The personal edition is also available at very low cost.




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