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Oscilloscope runs very slowly




I am a new user with multisim and running circuit simulations altogether. I am trying to look at a simple square wave pulse with the following settings (below). I would like to look at this pulse over the span of 45 seconds or so. I am finding that the o-scope is running reallyyy slowwww. I can see when I adjust the timebase scale that the simulation is running in the micro-seconds range. How do I make it run at a rate of seconds? I have already tried adjusting the max time step under the "interactive simulation" settings. Is there another setting I can look into? 


Please let me know if you'd like to look at any other settings I have setup for this simulation. I believe I am running V14.2 of Multisim


Thank you for your help in advance!





Here are my o-scope settings:






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Hello, I don't know how the virtual oscilloscope in Multisim is implemented but I would consider two things:


1. The 1ps rise and fall times are very small compared to your period and are not realistic. I would set those to some more sensible value. For a 10s period, rise and fall times in the us or even ms range are plenty to obtain a square wave.


2. In a real oscilloscope the sample buffer length is finite and above a certain time base setting the oscilloscope will switch to continuous acquisition. It means that you will see a scanning/running waveform instead of a steady curve. This is also related to the sample rate. Again, it depends how much the virtual instruments mimics the real one.

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