Multisim and Ultiboard

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Hi, I am trying to get this Oscillator circuit to work but am really at loss at what to do next. 

Basically, when pin 7 is of a higher voltage than pin 6, the output of the amplifier will be HIGH, which will provide a HIGH input to the JK flip flop, generating a HIGH output at (Q BAR). This is suppose to charge capacitor 11 (C11, 1000pF) through D2 and R11. The charging of C11 will bring pin 6 to a voltage level higher or equal to pin 7, which generates a LOW output at the amplifier and at the JK (Q Bar). When this happens, C11 is supposed to discharge through D6 and through the transistor. Hence because of the discharging of C11, pin 6 will have a drop of voltage level. Once the voltage level at pin 6 drops below pin 7, the cycle repeats.


But i cannot get this to work, any kind soul has any idea and is able to help rectify please?

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