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One Shot Monostable Multivibrator

Hi all,


Currently designing a circuit which requires a slight delay after a voltage goes low, and have found that the LTC6993-4 one shot pulse generator, set up as is in the attached file, should work very well for this. Love simulating in Multisim with the live-variable voltages etc, which is exactly how I need to test this device, but I can only find a model of the device in a .asc file (LTspice).


I have read across multiple posts that Multisim doesn't get along with .asc files, but was wondering 2 things; has anyone found a workaround? can anyone offer another component which might fit the bill? I have tried quite extensively with 555 timers, and with RC circuits with a comparator set to trigger after a certain voltage (and hence known time), but neither work quite as I would like (or none that I have trialed).


Looking for a negative pulse (0) of known time after a falling edge of a signal line. 1 otherwise.


No great rush, but would love to see if there is a solution, if not just for my piece of mind. Failing this RS is just down the road, so I can pop over there and buy one of the devices to test out on a board.




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