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OPA657: Trouble importing

Hey guys,


I've been trying to import an OPA657 spice model but it doesn't work. The spice model is from the manufacturer, Texas Instruments. I am on MS14.2.


I have corrected the multiple top lvl subckt problem, allowing the device to be imported. However, the imported device causes a convergence issue immediately when simulated. This occurs even when the OPA657 is the only component on the board.


------ Checking SPICE netlist for OPA656 Raw Single Stage - Thursday, 23 April 2020, 12:58:05 PM ------
Warning: RefDes 'u2', element 'g1:xi52:xi0': Use of log() is ambiguous, simulation will treat this as ln() in this case. See the "Mathematical Expressions" section in the Multisim SPICE manual for details

======= SPICE Netlist check completed, 0 error(s), 1 warning(s) =======
Error: Unable to converge during transient analysis. Consider increasing the ABSTOL, VNTOL, and RELTOL options.
Simulation canceled
See convergence help for more information


I have increased the ABSTOL, VNTOL and RELTOL to as suggested elsewhere long ago in the forum, as well as decreased the maximum time step. Does not solve the problem.


I hope you can help me resolve this quickly as I really need this component for a project.



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Did this error get fixed? Any suggestions?

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