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No option for placing hierarchical block

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Hi everyone,


I just bought NI Circuit Design Suite 14 - Student Edition. I am quite new to this program, so I wanted to work through a book in order to get some experience.


Unfortunatelly, even in the very first chapters they refer to the hierarchical block feature. I just do not find this option. It is supposed to be in the "Place -> New Hierarchical block" menu but I just do not have this entry. I also tried customizing my toolbar just to ensure that this feature is not deactivated but I cannot find any entry on this.

I am using the German language version of Multisim 14 but I tried to change the language to English - there is still no menu available.


For me, all the features concerning this herarchical block are missing (New, Hierarchical Block from File, Replace by Hierarchical Block). But the online help just lists these features as well.


Is this some sort of restriction for the education version? I am wondering because the books I use offer a copy of the education version as well and they are referring to this feature very often.


I would apreciate any comments.



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Hey Stg86,


this option exists in Multisim 14. This is a screenshot from my version of multisim and like you can see, I have more options available in the Place menu. I changed the language to german, but this should not be the reason for the appearance of the additional options.


Multisim 14.png


I think this issue is related to the version or the installer of Multisim. Multisim is available in two version: For academic user and for industrial user. Some options are only available in one of two versions.


This is the version for industrial users:


This is the version for acadmic users:


Regards, stephan

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Hey Stephan,


thank you for your answer. I just unistalled the academic version and tried out the commercial one. The menu is there indeed.

This version difference was also my first thought but I could not find anything about it. 


So thank you for your efforts. In this case I just have to work on the training examples without using these hierarchical blocks.

Regards, Simon

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