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Night Timer

You will be required to design a 'Night Timer' system.night. The

timer should have four 7-segment LEDs i.e. should count up

to 59 minutes 59 seconds in increment of 1 second. Nosferatu

can pause the timer if he spots a beautiful lady while

joyriding. He can also reset the timer any time he wishes to.

You will have to design an electronic system with:

1. Four 7-segment RED LEDs. (his favourite colour)

2. One PAUSE button and one RESET button to pause and reset the timer as needed.

3. Nosferatu starts cycling once it gets appreciably dark. You need to use and configure a Light

Dependent Resistor for that purpose. (Note: Multisim does not make provision for LDRs so to

simulate your design you have to use an Opto-coupler and potentiometer combination to represent

the LDR).

4. You need to use a step-down transformer as the system will have a 230V AC supply (Nosferatu can

generate electrical power from one of his special organ) and the timer should operate on 9V DC.

5. You MUST ONLY use the following components in your design: Power Source, Transformer, Opto-
coupler, Potentiometer, switches, LED Display, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Diodes, Basic logic

gates ICs, Decoders, Timers, Counters and Flip-Flops.

6. You CANNOT use Programmable ICs, Micro-controllers or Multi-Function ICs to design the system.

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Hello, thanks for response

what it has to do with MS???

thanks a lot

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hi,since im new to NI instruments and multisim..i cant really understand how to create the above mentioned circuit for night timer. can you please send how this is done as soon as possible because a short of time and have submit it by saturday. thanks

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I am not the forum master but I think this forum is rather dedicated to problems concerning working with Multisim and Ultiboard, i.e. problems which occur when using these programs. It is probably NOT dedicated to get electronic circuits working, rather to capture them with Multisim and Ultiboard. 


There are lots of forums and groups on the internet covering problems with circuit design. 


Also, there are many publications from NI and others covering the basics of making schematics, performing simulations and creating boards with Multisim and Ultiboard. 

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