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Newbie needs help designing a IC

Could someone help me with designing a IC in Multisim.

 I am a complete Newbie to electronics and Multisim and am trying hard to teach myself, if someone could show me what this kind of circuit would look like in Multisim then I think it would be a huge help.

The project is a solar charger charging 4AA NiMH batteries which at night turns the load on, the load is 36 LEDs connected in parallel. I know they will all light up as I have  done the test and they all light up and draw 3.6 V and last for about 8 hours.

So I want to build a IC that switches the load on at night and I want to use the PVC's as the switch so at night the circuit is turned on and during the day it is turned off and the batteries start charging.  These kind of devices can be bought at most hardware stores so it's not a unique idea.

If some one could mail me a .ms file I could load it up and understand how it all works and it would set me on my way.

Thanks in advance


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The best way is to use the primative models i.e 2n2222a, or lm741, >>>> devices that have models defined in the master database and use them in a "schematic" to build a "spice" model.

Basically the full schematic would run as a "subcircuit" and route to your IC pins that your designing and will interlink with the subcircuit as the PHYSICAL pins to the device your trying to design. I've done that for the LM3914 device and it works very well.

Good luck


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Do you mind sharing that file for the LM3914 by chance? 

Would save me a bunch of time. I have already tried to use some one else spice model and the component wizard in mulitsim but that didnt work. 
Appreciate it!

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