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NI ELVISmx various tools fail to load.



I am trying to get any of ELVISmx programs to work. I can use the launcher without a problem, but if I actually want to use one of the programs I get this lovely splash art. This picture can be seen below.




I have tried both version 18 and 17 of ELVISmx. I also have multiple LabVIEW runtimes. As shown below.




I have tried running the launcher and the various programs as the administrator to no avail. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ELVISmx a few times with no luck.

Finally, the myDAQ I have passed the NI max self-test. As seen in the picture below.









TLDR I can't get ELVISmx various tools to work and I tried various solutions to no avail.

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Thank you all for taking a look at my problem. It seems that a solution to the problem I am having is not readily available.


I will admit that I am not particularly knowledgeable on how to receive support from National Instruments. If you know of a better way to get help with this particular problem I am all ears. 

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