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Multisim + vhdl import/export?

Does anyone know if Multisim is capable of either importing or exporting VHDL?
Ideally, what I'd like to do is import VHDL code to Multisim and have Multisim produce the schematic, and/or
have a schematic drawn in Multisim and have Multisim convert it to VHDL code that I can read.
I'm not finding any evidence that it is possible on either count, but that could mean I just haven't looked in the right place.  Hence, I bring the question to this forum, as maybe some you out there might know.
Note: This question does not exclude Multisim add-ons.  But what add-ons would that be?  
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There was a program that was sold years ago called MultiVHDL. This, I believe, was an add-on module for Multisim. This has been discontinued and is no longer available. This was the only means that I am aware of for Multisim to support VHDL code. Multisim no longer,, to my knowledge, supports anything VHDL. You can't even get components written in VHDL to simulate without this MultiVHDL installed.

I believe my above statements to be correct as this was conveyed in another post some time ago by Nestor, I think. NI my be able to explain it better, as this is all I know about this.


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If I may interject some comments. MultiVHDL was based on a product by Green Mountain Computing Systems and I suspect there was some type of problem with the two companies coming to terms, or some such nonsense. I think NI would have a killer product if they could support some type of VHDL capability in Multisim (I have some ideas of what that could be from an educational point of view). Again, from an educational point of view, can you imagine the possibilities and sales potential for a product like this. It would cover most of what is being taught in Engineering and Technical schools these days. And students would be likely to carry with them a really strong identification of NI into the working world. I would love to see NI team up with Altera or Xilinx and do something like this. But for practical reasons I won't go into here, it will probably never happen. VHDL is a tool all future Engineers and Technicians will have to learn and would nicely complement Multisim.

Thanks for letting me vent,


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Hi Howard:

I'm going to add this to our list of requested features. Could you elaborate on "I have some ideas of what that could be from an educational point of view" so that I can give a good description of what this feature would look like.

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From an educational perspective, I think that adding some sort of VHDL component to Multisim would make a more complete product in that it would add a component to Multisim which is becoming increasingly important in education. VHDL is becoming more and more important, not only in Engineering classes, but also in Technician classes. A lot of people are expressing the opinion that discrete logic is becoming the glue that holds designs based on VHDL together.  In the digital world, the student has the ability to design a circuit  and test it, using Multisim, to see if it works as expected. If it is a very large design it may take several pages of schematics to to express the design. With the right set of tools, the student could express the design in VHDL and, if appropriate, express it as as a single component which could then be combined with other Multisim components to give a complete "system" for simulation. Current tools from Altera and Xilinx will not allow you to do this. I don't know what capabilities MultiVHDL had, so Electronics Workbench may have already thought along these lines. I'm also not sure what kind of business decisions are involved in something like this , but it would seem some sort of relationship with Altera or Xilinx could be established, something along the lines of what you must have with Microchip in your MultiMCU product. These are just some preliminary thoughts. I hope they are helpful.
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Thanks Howard,

I've got a clear idea of what you are thinking. I've added it to the feature request.
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Why is there a VHDL choice under Simulate?  It's greyed out in my V10.1 Power Pro Suite. 

Why does the Wizard allow creation of a VHDL part?

There is a document telling how to create a VHDL part.

It includes a .zip file with a part you can actually load in and create a VHDL part with, but I can't get beyond that.


Can someone explain this?


Is this all defunct residue that doesn't work?



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Well I got an answer from tech support. 


We used to have a product called Multi-VHDL and unfortunately, due to the
lack of interest it was discontinued, we no longer sell this product. The
only reason why VHDL options are still in Multisim is for those who
purchased Multi-VHDL, if they have that product installed these options
will still work for them.


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 select a module 

(---use the lib in the website ----ADC )


execute -- compile 


errs occurs : 

----errs: INVALID Paths 

--" ! spaces in project paths are not support." 


Is there anybody can explain why this occurs. 


I use the winxp(chinese simplified version) 


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