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Multisim transformer windings diameter


Hello. I need to build a computer power supply in Multisim with the following output parameters: U1 = 5+-1 V, I1 = 10 A, U2 = 12+-0.6 V, I2 = 5 A, U3 = -12+-0.6 V, I3 = 0.1 A. Everything is OK with the third output parameter, but I can't simulate the first and the second parameters. My teacher told me that it is because of the small diameter of the windings of the transformer provided in Master Database of Multisim and I need to change the diameter. I found a template model in Master Database -> Basic -> Transformer and tried to make 1P3S model from 1P2S in "edit model" menu, but it was unsuccessful. And I also didn't understand how to change the windings' diameter of transformer. Is it possible to create a transformer with the needed custom parameters?

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Hello iandrew,


You can use the ones called TEMPLATE_1PXS_XXXMODEL en select to view the model to modify the parameters or paste your own SPICE Model.


Diego H

National Instruments

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