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Multisim - problems with printing 11x17


I am having a problem printing a size B (11x17) sheet on 11x17 paper.  It seems that no matter how I set up the sheet and print settings, I always get an 8.5x11 result.


My Options->Sheet Properties->Workspace settings are for 17 inch width, 11 inch height.  


When I go to the Print Sheet Setup and set zoom to 'Fit to page' and print on 11x17 size paper (File->Print->Properties and set as 11x17, landscape), the result is an 11x17 piece of paper with an 8.5x11 area printed on.  The entire contents of the sheet are printed, just shrunk to fit in a small area.


When I set the Print Sheet Setup zoom as 100% and repeat the above, I get four sheets of 11x17 paper, each with an 8.5x11 area printed on.  The contents of the sheet are split over the four pages.


It seems to me that although Multisim is set for 11x17 sheet size, it is ignorant to the printer paper size selection and always scales for 8.5x11.  Is this true or am I missing a setting somewhere.  



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To print the desired paper size, you can try the following:


1. Navigate to Options»Sheet Properties

2. Select the Workspace tab and change the Width and Height accordingly (17, 11)

3. Under Print Sheet Setup, select Fit to page

4. Navigate to Print»Properties. Select Landscape as the Orientation

5. Select Advanced ... and select Exexcutive in the Paper Size drop down list.


Hope this helps.


Sharanya R
Market Development Engineer
National Instruments
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I have the same issue with a new installation.  Always abbreviates schematic to an 8.5X11 form.  If printing the 11X17, it abbreviates the image to an 8.5X11 as well on the 11X17 paper.

In fact, with the size B paper selection, even the print preview (in Multisim) still shows it as an 8.5 X 11 size.

I have been a multiple installation user for 20 years or so.....

Any ideas here?

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