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Multisim for Linux and macOS

Why Multisim hasn't been developed for these operating systems and when can we expect a release for the before mentioned?


I'm an Electrical & Computer Engineering student and out of convenience I have decided to switch to a Linux based platform and its very frustrating having to keep a small partition in my computer so I can use Multisim since the online version  and GUI is not as complete and intuitive as the executable application.
I'm sure like me there must be thousands of students and engineers struggling with the same problem since Linux systems are largely used by our community and they are essential for our daily operations.


I know other companies have decided not to develop applications for Linux system because of the free source idea is to striking for them, thinking they won't be able to generate revenue from those users but in fact there's many packages that one wouldn't be able to use without a license such as MATLAB for example. And if that is the case for NI they should reconsider using techniques like the ones employed by MATLAB.
If the problem is a lack of developers, there is a lot of us out there willing to work on the integration for multiple operating systems.
If the problem is the lack of "Cross platform users", I think you should refocus your market research because, believe there is a ton of us

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Have you considered using Multisim Live?

Multisim FAQ

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